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The power supply of the welding device will provide it with the current that you need for your welding needs. The current that is required for welding depends upon the type of welding that is done. Spot welding will require the highest amount of current. The good thing is for welding projects that are simple, even a car battery would suffice as a power source. However, if you want the best quality of weld, you need to make sure that you have the right power supply that will give the constant supply of the right amount of current needed for the welding operation that you are carrying out and they type of welding that has to be done.

There are basically two types of machines that provide the power supply. These can be classified into the constant current and the constant voltage machines. The constant current machines will have a steady supply of current. These machines will vary their voltage while they give out a steady supply of current. The constant voltage machines as the name indicates will have a set voltage value. These machines will vary the supply of current that is provided to modulate the welding. In some welding methods where the welder is not able to control the arc length manually, like in the case of the gas metal arc welding process, the constant voltage machine is used. This machine will help to control the arc length as well as the heat that is transferred to the machine.

Also these machines can be divided into the AC power supply and the DC power supply. The AC or the alternating current power supply is where the current can be stepped up or stepped down. This is not possible in a DC power supply or the Direct current. For different welding methods, different types of power supply can be used. However, due to modern advancements, the power supply may be interchangeable with the help of other accessories such has, for example a voltage sensing wire feeder. However interchanging the power supply and working with the welding can be difficult and it can also spoil the quality of weld. Therefore a skilled welder is required to handle these modifications who would know the right technique to handle the welding process. If you want to make sure that you have precession in your work then you need to make sure that you have the right welding power supply available to you.

On our website, we have different AC as well as DC power supply units that would suit our welding needs. Depending upon the type of welding projects that you are handling, you can buy from the small and portable ones or the heavy duty ones from our website. This will help you cover all your welding needs. Look around our site and select the equipment that you want. You will find a range of equipment here that would fit your needs and your budget which would help to ensure that you welding needs are taken care of.

Ac Welding is an arc welding process where in coalescence is produced by heating the job with an electric arc struck between a job and the tungsten electrode. A shielding gas is a argon helium,nitrogen and used to stay away from atmospheric contamination of molten weld pool. A filler metal may be added, if required.


This Ac Welding machine work on the principle of square wave electric arc generated between the work and tungsten electrode.

This Welding heats both electrode and work, only work fuses due to it's lower fusion temperature than tungsten electrode, square wave current helps in damaging oxide layer on work. A inert shielding gas protects both electrode and work from oxidation by atmospheric gases.




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