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Welding Guns

Welding Guns:

Welding guns are planned and fully tested not only as an character component, This welding guns is also part of a complete arc welding system.

Types Of Welding Guns:

Magnum 200 Welding Gun - 200A

A small, lightweight welding gun planned for small job shop and manufacture applications. It is one of the best matched for welding on thin materials using .025 - .030" wire.

Magnum 300 Welding Gun - 300A

This fashionable Magnum welding gun is planned for most .035 - .045" wire distance applications in job shops and production or manufacturing. This welding gun 300A is a ordinary equipment on the current your cutter Power MIG 350 MP wire feeder and welder.

Magnum 400 Welding Gun - 400 A

The Magnum 400 welding gun is built for worker console when welding with the superior heat levels generated by superior amperage applications. Select the 400 welding gun for most .045", .052" or 1/16" MIG, UltraCore-shield or Metalshield (gas-shielded) welding operations.

Magnum 550 Welding Gun - 550 A

Choose our 550 gun equipped with 500 or 600 amp consumables for high amperage, huge wire diameter welding, including up to .052" and .062" MIG or 3/32-1/8" Outershield-shielded or UltraCore (gas-shielded flux-cored) applications.

Magnum 100L Welding Gun - 100 A

Exceptionally small, lightweight welding gun that is great for most home, farm and little shop projects, auto-body job and small maintenance or welding repair applications. This welding gun is ordinary equipment on current yourcutter SP series compact MIG welders. Welding Gun connector is included.

Magnum 250L Welding Gun - 250 A

The Magnum 250L Welding Gun is suggested for average duty job shop and welding production applications. It is normal equipment on the current yourcutter Power MIG 215 and Power MIG 255C wire feeder welders. Gun connector is included.





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